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Wines that tell stories, express feelings, let the energy from the earth and Nature be expressed through the grapes and tune in with that idea that wants to transmit.

Our History

Celler Cataruz emerges as a personnal project managed by its owner Coqué Ruz. After working for several years as sommelier and stablish her own wine restaurant was proposed as partner in her first winery in Venta del Moro. That project was her baptism in the manufacturing but, despite the fact that it provided her with the knowledge and the experience that she appreciated, it hadn´t allowed her to express and become herself through what they were producing. So, as soon as the opportunity appeared she decided to get free and started as wine producer by herself. She counted with her previous oenologist who guided and introduced her in such hermetic segment. And there, in the heart of his winery located in Casas del Rey, he gave her the space to produce her owns wines.

Cepa vieja Bobal


· Coque Ruz doesn`t produced wine with the grapes she has, as the most of wine makers do. She looks for the varieties that better express what she wants to tell and these are the ones she cultivates.

· Her wines tell stories, express feelings, let the energy from the earth and the nature expresses through the grapes and tunes in with that idea that she wants to transmit .

· Her ingredients are land, sea, wind, rain, Sun ...and all this, plus the grape's genetic, serves to produce her wines.

· There is no element abandoned to random. There is always a reason. Everything has to be relationed with this message, the wine's soul.

· Respecting this philosophy, there is no pesticides, she works with ecological techniques, letting the nature do its work.

· The biggest effort and satisfaction is in conflucting tradition and wine growers' knowledge who own the selected vineyards with the oenologist's and hers's current vision and the enthusiasm .

It is necessary to drink them to understand it


“We have found the energy we needs to work: passion. This wine represents an small part of it.”


D.O. Valencia

Award Mostra Proava 2017 Bronce


70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Viognier from Casa Corones in Alforins , Albaida Valley. Vineyards with low performances.

Il·lusionat vino blanco


Vintage of dawn to preserve the dew that refreshes the grape. Cold and short maceration. Fermentation in a low temperature. Young wine.
Colour: Yellow straw with alive yellow sparkles, limpid and brilliant.


Smell: Tropical fruit and fresh flowers .Great expression.
Taste: Stands out a fresh assault, of marked acidity, at least it turns out to be silky, balanced and freshness that promotes its fruit , which extends in a happy and long posttaste. The main caracter is the salty from the area where it comes from. A long time ago it was cover by the sea so this is the reason of this caracter.
Serving Suggestions: Ideal for Mediterranean rices, italian pasta, salads, roast vegetables, semicured cheeses and fresh fish.


“I owe the name of this wine to my childrens. They are source of inspiration. Malcriat means youth, amusement, hapiness and life without worries...”


D.O. Valencia


70% Garnacha Tintorera from LAS HOCES DEL CABRIEL. Old vineyards on sandy soil and limestone.
30% Merlot from dry land
Process: Cold short maceration(8ºC for 3 days) to obtain less extraction but to capture primary aromas. Temperature of fermentation 28 º.
Colour: Cherry with medium high concentration and purplish reflections of youth
Smell: Fresh red fruit (cherries)and flowers (roses).
Taste: Surprisingly fruity entry.Fresh fruit jam, cherries. A fun wine, sweet, full bodied.

Red Wine Malcriat

Serving suggestions

Perfect for the next 3 years. Ideal with appetizers, blue fish, sushi, asian food, and rice...Made 11.000 bottles


II Premio Mostra de Vins 2013.
and Special Mention in Valencian Comunity Wine Challenge 2016
Ecological Agriculture in process for 2018


“Melic is the navel that joins us to our mother, as does Bobal to our land.”


D.O. Valencia


50% Bobal from HOCES DEL CABRIEL. Old vineyards on sandy soil and limestone.
30% Cabernet Sauvignon, showing the depth of the roots and the terroir's strength.
20% Merlot from dry land
Ecological Agriculture in process for 2017



Temperature of fermentation 28º. Aged 9 months in french oak barrels.


Colour: Intense ripe red cherry.
Smell: Floral and aromatic. Fresh candied fruit and spices.Dairy. Some smoky touch and licorice.
Taste: Elegant and silky entry. Fresh fruit jam, cherries, plums, peaches. Well balanced and sincere.
Serving Suggestions: Perfect for the next 5 years as a faithful companion to grilled meats, lamb and stews . Made 6.000 bottles.

XTMO - Extremo

“Extremo.(Xtmo) This is me. Risky, expressive, strong by nature, enjoyment to the full. The finest option is rock music in the background..”


D.O. Valencia

PEÑIN 2018


50% Verdejo y 50% Viognier, Vineyards with low performances
Ecological Agriculture in process for 2016

XTMO - Extremo


Vintage of dawn to preserve the dew that refreshes the grape. Cold Maceration and fermentation to low temperature. White aged wine 4 months in french oak barrel of 2 ó 3 years.


Colour: Intense yellow with greenish reflections
Smell: White fruits and flowers. Perfumed flowers. Butter and dried fruits
Taste: Surrounding mouth. Elegant and aromatized
Serving Suggestions: Perfect in the next 3 years as faithful companion to fish , of white meats, paella, stew. Ideal with blue cheeses.


“Like the song. This wine is meant to ponder life. The finest option is rock music in the background.”


D.O. Valencia


50% Bobal y 50% Shiraz. In the middle of the Hoces del Cabriel, 900 meters of height with a marked Atlantic climate that marks his mineralidad and freshness. Vineyards with low performances 2.000 l./H.

Maneras de Vivir


Manual vintage choosing every cluster meticulously. Stained aged wine 14 months in cask of French oak.
Ecological Agriculture in process for 2015


Color: Red picotas, bigarreau cherries . High cap with steely reflections.
Smell: It evolves. Sugared fruits. Smoked, you spice. Minerals.
Taste: Silky and surrounding. Balanced. Great fruit-bearing load in mouth.
Serving Suggestions: Perfect in the next 7 years as faithful companion to bushmeat, stews of mountain, Gazpacho from La Mancha, tajines.


Verdejo 100%

The grapes have been carefully selected and harvested
just in the right point of maduration.

Everything just in time

Temperature control in the Fermentation
that makes the wine voluminous and soft.
before the bottling are made with the maximum
respect to the wine even in the colouring process,
keeping the variety's expression and essence.

Il·lusionat Azul


Floral and fruity aromas
with some influence from the mediterranean breeze.
Round and funny in mouth with citric fruits.
Long ended tipical in this variety.


Macabeo and Xarel-lo grapes

The grapes were harvested by hand and then partially stripped,
to optimize the pressing process.


After pressing the must was left
for 36 hours at 14ºC,
to separate the lees from the must.
The must was then left to ferment
for 15 days at 17ºC.
Once the fermentation process was finished the must was blended,
allowed to stabilize, filtered and then prepared for bottling.
The wine was bottled in January and February and then left in underground cavas (cellars),
where it undergoes its second fermentation process and its flavour develops.
Having aged for 12 months,
the wine was filtered at exactly the right time to guarantee the best possible product.

Illusionat cava brut

Tasting Notes

Fine soft mousse with abundant bubbles. Straw coloured with hints of green.
Very intense nose, with hints of almonds and nuts.
First impression was very pleasing,
the soft bubbly taste combines very well with
the initial acidic then sweet flavours.

Serving Suggestions

This is a good cava to serve with appetizers
or with desserts that are not excessively sweet.
Serve between 6 y 8ºC.


Garnacha 100%

Cava Rose


Fermentation at 16° C in tanks
of stainless steel for 2 weeks.
Second fermentation in bottle
according to the traditional method.
Aging in bottle: 9 months.

Illusionat Cava Rosado

Tasting Notes

Bright redcurrant colour. Very good foam and bubble rosary.
Aroma of red fruits and memories of
undergrowth. In Taste goloso and
fresh, with hints of redcurrant and
raspberry. Long and sweet aftertaste.



Vineyards and Varieties

Tierra de vinos

More than wines , Coque prefers to speak about terroirs. And that`s because to produce any wine she has to look for the confluence of manny factors: Sun, land, wind, rain, ...sea. So in her wines it is possible to distiguesh two different personalities well defined: Mediterranean for the white wines, and Atlanthic for the reds ones.

La vendimia

The white ones look for the salinity from the earth that in other age was covered by sea. This mixture of Sun, mediterranean breeze and iodine, is food for the grapes and provides them the joy that identifies these wines.

Racimo de Uva Bobal

The red wines are cultivated in Hoces del Cabriel making border between the mediaterranean and La Mancha . These vineyards breaths the freshness from to be at 800 mts of high, with a weather that enjoys the rains . This fact plus the age of them, that moves between 50-70 years old, gives to the wines an special minerality that makes our imagination flighs to cooler lands in the North.

Barrica Wines Taste

Each variety marks its genetic. Viognier that has been magnificantly aclimated to this region and covers with surprises the expression and evolution of the two white wines. Sauvinon Blanc, that has been cultivated in a shady area at 300 mts of high, highlights because the salinity that has absorved from the land.

Copa de vino

Referring to the red grapes cultivated in Utiel, points out three of them. Garnacha Tintorera, explosion of red fruit and flowers. It is cultivted in both sides of Cabriel river what gives to the wine a mineral accent. The Shiraz grows near the Terrerazo and appears in the wine Maneras de Vivir with all it splendeur.

Las viñas

The Bobal is at 800 mts of high, with full body and expression is mature but with the fresness of an atlantic climate more than mediterranean. The stony ground creates underground aquiefers forcing the depth for the roots and giving complexidy to the wines.

Bodega Cataruz


The cellar is located in the village Casas del Rey, in the natural park of Hoces del Cabriel. In it we can meet passions, projects and human values of the team that makes this dream to be real.

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